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April 30, 2006

Google Calendar in Evolution

Filed under: Linux Fun, Evolution Project, Tech — Johnny @ 3:26 am

Looks like many people are looking for "how to add google calendar to ximian evolution" ( my blog registerd these keywords ) So i thought i'll put a post wit screen shots on how to add your google calendar to evolution.

In your google calendar, click on "manage calendar" which opens a page listing all your calendars… In that select (click on) the calendar that you want to add in your evolution. Now in the "Private URL" section right click and copy the url (link) of ICAL (yup the green one) or click on it and it will popup a window with the url (link) in it..

google calendar private url

Its time to add this calendar to Evolution… Now in evolution switch to calendar and right click on any existing calendar and selcte new calendar …

In the New calendar dialog box select type as "On the web". The dialog box changes .. Paste the URL you copied onto the field "URL".

Evolution calendar . Creating a new

Choose other options …. and Click OK…

And now you can view your calendar in evolution … This will be a read only calendar and you cannot add any events from evolution…

Googel calendar in Evolution

I guess this explains how to use your online calendar in evolution… If you have any questions or suggestions .. put it in the comments…

UPDATE (May 6): Google SOC : Evolution Google Calendar Backend We will have better integration of evolution and google calendar soon !!

Google Calendar in Evolution
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