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윈도우용 tail -f 프로그램..
웹서핑중 우연히 발견..
Cygwin 을 설치해서 tail -f 를 많이 사용 했었는데..
이제 그럴필요가 없을라나.....

Tail for Win32 Screenshots

Syntax Highlighting

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The main screen watching a couple of logs. This screenshot is showing the beginnings of the "workspace" functionality.

Keyword Configuration

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Here, we can see that when "fwanalog" is encountered, a MAPI mail will be sent, but when "apache" or "authentication failure" are found, an SMTP mail will triggered.

Syntax Highlighting and Tally Window

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Here, Tail is monitoring Apache's error and access log files on my project's webserver. The tally window is keeping count of hits from each of the developers.


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This is the MAPI plugin configuration dialog. Notice that we have substitution variables for useful items such as the keyword that triggered the alert.

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