Rescheduling a meeting.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I am in receipt of your letter dated June 2, 2012, and appreciate your kind inclusion of Success Corporation in your global telecommunications project.
Unfortunately, the date you have proposed cannot be accommodated. Therefore, I
would like to propose alternative dates.  Rather than the third week of June,
can we push the meeting to the last week?
We have a painful project underway that will be completed before the last week
by hook or crook.
Most of our staff will be exonerated from the project by then and be able to
accommodate you better henceforth.
We strongly wish to assist you in this important project.
Therefore, we will make every effort to assist you in the best way possible.
I hope that your impending visit to Korea will be a positive and productive
I would greatly appreciate your response at you earliest convenience.

Best wishes,
Sungong Kim


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